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I have spoken with this client recently and we have been able to resolve what was going on with her case. She has asked us to represent her again and we look forward to helping her with her claim for disability benefits.

We have been attempting to get ahold of this former client ever since she posted this review and she has not returned our calls. We withdrew from her case in January 2018 due to eligibility issues with her SSI claim. We became aware of additional household assets and resources she had not informed us about earlier. This is information she should have shared with Social Security, as it makes her ineligible for SSI benefits. When we withdrew, we notified her in writing. The letter we sent was dated January 10, 2018 and was sent both to her and to Social Security. We are more than happy to discuss this matter with her further, but she needs to return our calls for this to be possible. Her complaints about lack of communication appear to be due to her either not having reliable phone service or never answering or returning our calls. Either way, we're happy to answer any questions she has. She can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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Update by user Aug 21, 2018

I did dusclose to your offive when I got married. It's not my fault your staff didn't do there job and report it to Social Security.

Don't put the blame on me. I hired your office to handle my claim and you all dropped the ball. I have never received any other calls from you but 2 messages which I returned the call. You are the one that said you had to look into my pending case and would call me back.

YOU HAVE NOT CALLED ME BACK SO DON'T LIE. Do your job!! Every case you have on here you say the person doesn't call back.

Well maybe you have to call them back so they know to call you. This company is a joke.

Update by user Aug 21, 2018

This is a total lie. I received two calls which I returned the call.

He saud he would have to get back to me because he realized I do have a pending case and I have NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN.

What he wrote is a flat out lie. He's never called me back again.

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2018

I hired Myler Disability in May of 2012 to fight my disability claim. I filled out all the paperwork and they filed it for me.

I've been fighting for it and am still fighting to win my case. This company withdrew from my case in January 2018 without even notifing me. I recieved a letter in March of 2018, from Social Security stating that Myler had withdrawn from my case wanting to know if I had hired another attorney to handle my case. Mind you, I am in the middle of my 2nd appeal.

They were late getting my paperwork in so we had to start all over which caused me to loose out on over 2 years of wages. I left a message with Myler to call me back regarding there withdraw and I have yet to get a response from them. They tell you they have an office in Arizona, but yet everything is done in Utah. There attorney travels from different states to handle your court appearances.

It would have been nice if they would have contacted me to let me know that they were withdrawing from my case instead of hearing it from Social Security, the ones i'm fighting against. I am very disappointed with there services and there lack of communication. It takes them day's to return phones to answer a simple question.

I am left fighting my case on my own now. I wouldn't recommend them unless you want to be left in the dark fighting by yourself.

A very disatified client.

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