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It's frustrating to see how long it takes Social Security to process these claims. In our experience, the folks at Social Security are working as best they can, but they are faced with budged and staffing restraints that make it difficult for them to process claims as fast as our clients would like to see. As a general rule, your claim will take about the same amount of time as other claims that were filed with yours. Call us at 1-800-652-9626 to see if there are ways to have your claim expedited, such as homelessness, a critical illness you may have been recently diagnosed with, or a need for life-saving medications which you can no longer afford. Hang in there! We're on your side through this process.
Picayune, Mississippi

I'm asking why do I have to wait for disability again and so long before I even get a case. When I've been trying over and over to find the right people who would help me and that I would at need an answer to whether or not if I could get a job until my hearing comes or something that would help me keep money in my pocket so that I wouldn't have to worry about what I would have to eat, drink, stay, or anything that would have to do with me keeping myself up or alive.

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It is a difficult position to be in for sure. Most ppl who are going for disability are in a similar position and it is really sad to see them like this.

The system is so slow. The short answer is that you can work a little without it affecting your eligibility for benefits. But this could still hurt your case with certain judges. If you work Full Time you would probably not qualify for benefits.

This is the first step of the case. If you are working Full Time you cannot go forward.

And if you are telling a judge you cant work because you are disabled, yet you were working Full Time just a few months ago, how is that going to look to the judge? You are certainly in a rock and a hard place and you should continue to try to speak to your lawyer for a more direct answer to your questions.


Why does keep happening to me?