Professional all i’s dotted and all t’s crossed I applied on my own at first and 4 months was denied then I got Myler Because somebody told me They had the most cases at Ss and usually won because they know what they’re doing. They won’t take your case if they don’t think you have a chance.

But they won’t babysit you. And if you don’t do what they say they can’t help. They know the details are important that I don’t and I had to trust that and I trust God. So I took that advice and I’m glad I did.

My reconsideration was denied which is typical I was told and then they told me the approximate amount of months it would likely go to hearing and I don’t remember the exact number of months but my son said I told him he said that they were right on target exactly. I liked Myler because I didn’t have to meet anybody in person I did everything by phone, mail and email. I have fears about mail and phones ringing so I did everything Mostly by email. If I had a question I would email it and within two days they would answer me and that was fine by me I don’t like close interaction makes me very nervous so this was perfect.

I think I did called him one time and they called me back two days later which is not going to matter it’s a long case they can’t manage my anxiety I have to do that and it’s all I can do. And every time I had appointment I emailed them so if I even forgot the appointment I could look at my email and then every time I got papers I took a picture and sent them in the email so I didn’t forget. Because I’m not good with details I knew I needed An advocate and attorney who was. I think that’s what they do best they keep all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.

You won’t know who your attorney is until the day of your hearing but it doesn’t matter because they’re all competent and I trusted that because I trust God. Throughout the time I had several people who were the case managers but I just would email and they know what is important that they have to know and they all have record of all of my emails so I have to trust they are the professionals. I only spoke to And met my attorney on the day of the hearing which was fine by me he said and asked all the right questions at the hearing and told me what to expect and he was right and I did exactly what he said even though I didn’t feel perfectly right I knew I hired him for a reason. He was professional but kind and he wanted me to win which I did because I followed his advice not my own.

I forget his name it was either Richard or possibly Anthony or Scott I’m really bad with names and I definitely don’t remember his last name But it doesn’t matter. From the time I applied until the time I was approved was 28 months. So Myler was a good Choice very professional. I’m a real person I keep reading these bad things about them I’m so glad I didn’t see them before I chose them they just sound like people that thought they were the attorneys I thought they knew it was important but I’m glad that I trusted God above all.

Don’t get me wrong it was very hard waiting and not knowing but I knew getting crazy with them was not going to change anything it was only going to make them not focus on doing their job for me and focus on my inability to handle my feelings. I’m glad I was given the advice I was given and I’m glad I was able to control my emotions which were very very difficult at times believe me

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