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Myler Disability review in American Fork, Utah: Withdraw without any notification

I have spoken with this client recently and we have been able to resolve what was going on with her case. She has asked us to represent her again and we look forward to helping her with her claim for disability benefits.

We have been attempting to get ahold of this former client ever since she posted this review and she has not returned our calls. We withdrew from her case in January 2018 due to eligibility issues with her SSI claim. We became aware of additional household assets and resources she had not informed us about earlier. This is information she should have shared with Social Security, as it makes her ineligible for SSI benefits. When we withdrew, we notified her in writing. The letter we sent was dated January 10, 2018 and was sent both to her and to Social Security. We are more than happy to discuss this matter with her further, but she needs to return our calls for this to be possible. Her complaints about lack of communication appear to be due to her either not having reliable phone service or never answering or returning our calls. Either way, we're happy to answer any questions she has. She can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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Update by user Aug 21, 2018

I did dusclose to your offive when I got married. It's not my fault your staff didn't do there job and report it to Social Security.

Don't put the blame on me. I hired your office to handle my claim and you all dropped the ball. I have never received any other calls from you but 2 messages which I returned the call. You are the one that said you had to look into my pending case and would call me back.

YOU HAVE NOT CALLED ME BACK SO DON'T LIE. Do your job!! Every case you have on here you say the person doesn't call back.

Well maybe you have to call them back so they know to call you. This company is a joke.

Update by user Aug 21, 2018

This is a total lie. I received two calls which I returned the call.

He saud he would have to get back to me because he realized I do have a pending case and I have NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN.

What he wrote is a flat out lie. He's never called me back again.

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2018

I hired Myler Disability in May of 2012 to fight my disability claim. I filled out all the paperwork and they filed it for me.

I've been fighting for it and am still fighting to win my case. This company withdrew from my case in January 2018 without even notifing me. I recieved a letter in March of 2018, from Social Security stating that Myler had withdrawn from my case wanting to know if I had hired another attorney to handle my case. Mind you, I am in the middle of my 2nd appeal.

They were late getting my paperwork in so we had to start all over which caused me to loose out on over 2 years of wages. I left a message with Myler to call me back regarding there withdraw and I have yet to get a response from them. They tell you they have an office in Arizona, but yet everything is done in Utah. There attorney travels from different states to handle your court appearances.

It would have been nice if they would have contacted me to let me know that they were withdrawing from my case instead of hearing it from Social Security, the ones i'm fighting against. I am very disappointed with there services and there lack of communication. It takes them day's to return phones to answer a simple question.

I am left fighting my case on my own now. I wouldn't recommend them unless you want to be left in the dark fighting by yourself.

A very disatified client.

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Myler Disability review in American Fork, Utah: They are not what they say they are , nor do what the say they will do.

We are aware of the difficulties this client is experiencing and the stress she is under. Her hearing was yesterday and she recently experienced the death of a close family member so was unable to appear at her hearing in person. Fortunately, the judge allowed her to appear by phone and things were able to proceed like normal. All of her medical records were submitted, as her attorney has explained to her in great detail. Now we are waiting on the judge to issue a decision, which usually takes several months. We will continue to keep this client informed on the status of her case and would encourage her to call us with any questions.
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Reason of review
Bad quality

Hopefully you will not be drawn to them. Too many case managers telling you different things, and not following through what they said they would do.

I think they mean well, but then again I don't think they do. I would highly recommend not to get them. Like I said, they don't follow through what they say they will do. I had at least 3 case managers, and the last one said he would get my last doctor reports.

I happened to call today because my case is in 2 days, and they didn't have them because that case manager quit. They did not notify me that I needed more, I called them because I wanted to make sure my case was ready for the hearing.

I left two messages to my lawyer to call me back; she didn't until Myler Disability notified her. I think they are sketchy.

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Myler Disability review in American Fork, Utah: HORRIBLE!

I have personally reviewed this case and have attempted to talk to this disgruntled client. I understand that she is upset after receiving an unfavorable decision from the judge. However, I believe her frustration and anger are improperly being aimed at those who are trying to help her. Her attorney did an excellent job at her hearing. He was very familiar with her case and did all he could to try and convince the judge to approve benefits. However, the judge ultimately decided that this client was still capable of some types of work and denied disability benefits. We have attempted several times to talk to this client about the judge's decision, but each time she becomes very upset and begins yelling at our staff and eventually hangs up her phone. While we are very willing to help advise her on what her next options include, we do ask that she stop yelling when she talks to us. It is unfortunate that her case was denied, but it wasn't denied for lack of preparation on our part, or on hers. Rather, the judge simply didn't believe her. There are productive, professional ways to handle this and when this client is ready to talk, we encourage her to give us a call back.
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Poor customer service


3 years of waiting 3 denials. I WAS FINALLY able to see a judge, the unprepared attorney that i spoke to 15minutes before the hearing lost my case. He wasn't able to give answers to ANY of the questions asked AND when asked if he had any comments he said no!! After my denial I was sent a bill for almost $600.00!!


They caused more problems.. Now I get to start all over..

I would highly recommend Myler Disability. Their procedure from the application, to the case manager, and legal representation worked like a well oiled machine. Their staff are knowledgable and friendly, and we were always treat with respect. They pleasantly answered...
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Good customer service
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Myler Disability review in American Fork, Utah: Not good!

We definitely share this client's frustrations! It is absolutely ridiculous that it is taking Social Security so long to issue a decision on her case. We have been calling SSA to get regular updates on the status and it appears that the decision has finally been written and is back on the judge's desk, presumably awaiting signature. I was able to have a nice conversation this morning with this client and I shared with her this most recent status update. We also discussed how it is disheartening to have things take so long. I understand that it's easy for our clients to lash out at us when they're frustrated, but Myler Disability is not the Federal Government. We have no way of making the judge issue a decision faster, just like we have no way of making Congress allocate additional funding to Social Security or making the President deactivate his Twitter account. I would encourage this client, and any other client with similar concerns regarding the extreme slowness with which the Social Security Administration operates, to remember that we are on a team, both fighting the same slow, inefficient Federal bureaucracy. We will continue to keep this client apprised of any development that happens with her case. We sincerely hope that our long wait for her decision is almost over.
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Bad quality

I saw the judge in May 2017, no word except the excuse of back logged! I could have gotten my medical records and waited by myself and not have had to pay anyone!

Apparently they are at the mercy of Social Security, so they can't help you with anything. I am not a mean vindictive person. I can not drive now due to my conditions, HOME BOUND. I have been in the process for 3 years!

This definitely hasn't helped me! Oh, and by the way in order to post this I have to agree to their Terms, won't let me read them!

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Myler Disability review in American Fork, Utah: The reviews are scaring me

We appreciate the comments from this client. She is feeling, as she stated, "scared, hopeless and afraid" because of how long this process with Social Security takes and what could happen if her case is not approved. Many of our clients are facing similar difficulties and wonder what will happen if their case is denied. These clients, through no fault of their own, are now unable to work and pursue their dreams. We are honored to help our clients during these difficult times. While we usually can't make Social Security work faster and can never guarantee the outcome of a case, we do all we can to help our client succeed. It's a long, difficult process, but it's something we've been successful at many, many times. If you have specific questions or concerns about your case, give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
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Scared of amount of time passed and losing everything I have
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Let the company propose a solution
  • Myler

Upon reading some of the reviews, I'm a little nervous about having Myler represent me on my disability claim. I stay on top of communication about my illnesses, diagnosis', doctor appointments, tests, therapy, etc., but am on the *** of losing my home that I have worked very hard for as a single mom raising two children on my own.

I am having to sell the automobile that I dearly love and step down to a beater to have cash to keep from losing my home, as there is no help in Virginia if you own your own home. My credit cards are maxed out from having to pay my mortgage and auto payments for the last year and a half, the payments are due on them, and I have no way to pay them. I feel as if I am going to be forced to file bankruptcy as well.

And just two years ago, I was a thriving loan officer at a bank, making a decent living. Feeling scared, hopeless, and afraid of losing everything I have, waiting for something I worked for...for more than 30 years.

We have tried calling this client 3 times over the last week to discuss his concerns with him, but have had to leave messages each time. As his case was just approved earlier this month, we're doing what we can to discuss with him what happens at this point with...
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I had the opportunity today to speak with this gentlemen and discuss his complaints with our office. He was experiencing some confusion in regards to the communication with our office. We've had regular phone conversations with him and each time we've taken...
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  • misrepresented service offering
This is not a review from an actual client, but rather appears to be a false review from one of our competitors. The URL indicates that this is the case, so please don't take this review seriously. In addition, our Utah attorneys have significant litigation...
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