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In every type of litigation, there is a winner and a loser. Here, unfortunately, the judge did not believe our client's assertions that he was unable to work. In review of his claim, it appears that every single medical source we were aware of had been submitted to the judge. Instead of finding in favor of this client, the judge denied the claim because he felt this client was still capable of doing some types of work. There is nothing shady with how we represent our clients and, even though clients like this will insist, we cannot allow any evidence to be withheld or hidden from the judge. After receiving the denial from the judge, we offered the client a couple options on how he could proceed, but he refused our help. Unfortunately, because of this, there's nothing further we can do for him at this time.
Perrysburg, Ohio

Tryed to get S.S Disability, no help at all did not tell me what to do did not get back to me waited till last day to talk to the lawyer total scam DO NOT USE !!!! Told me all the wrong information to get, never told me what route to take, and changed case workers on me at least 10 or 12 times, then when we did go to court they had all the information wrong, nothing was right lawyer was a ***.

They never return phone calls, first clue should of been if you see there Ad on Tv do not use, these people are complete *** artists who can not be trusted !!!! I Urge you not to ever use them and tell your friends about there shady practices Ronald P Drouillard.

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This place is a joke.

They are so rude.

And never return phone calls.

Got a denial letter and in it it stated they never got any of my paperwork from Myler disabilty.

They are scam artist and need to be shut down.


I agree Ronald Drouillard