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Myler Disability Social Security Disability Legal Service Review from Houston, Texas

This review was left anonymously, so we are unable to verify if it is from an actual client. We would be very interested in discussing these issues with her. She can reach us at 1-800-652-9626. If she's upset because she had to go to doctors appointments, we understand her frustration but strongly encourage her to keep following up with treatment as her doctors recommend. We expect our clients to go to their doctors appointments because it is only with medical records that we're able to prove that someone is disabled. If we withdrew from this person's case because it was “insurance no cash” (I assume she's saying it's an MQGE or MQFE claim, which means because she was a federal employee and never paid FICA taxes, she's only eligible for Medicare and not for Social Security cash benefits), we apologize. However, we assume that when clients hire us they are giving us correct information about their work history. When we find out that someone is not eligible for benefits due to their work history, we withdraw from the case. We'd love to catch these things earlier, but sometimes our clients don't tell us the “whole truth.” Regarding the complaints that we never return phone calls, this is untrue. We answer most calls as they come in. If you have to leave a message, we return the call within 24 business hours. However, similar to an anonymous online review, we can only respond to messages if the caller identifies him/herself and leaves a callback number. Leaving messages (on the phone or online) that simply call names and insult does not provide me or my staff with sufficient information to help resolve the concern.
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Poor customer service

Been doing all the work myself spending thousands on Doctor bills. Today I went to the Doctor and had the physical assessment done.

WhenI got back home I noticed a phone message. I listened it was Myler telling me they are letting me go because all my claim is insurance no cash which is nil because they had both husbands sa# and I was married to both over 13 years and also they set me up with a credit card at a bank for the deposits from disability. These freaks never return a call.

They suck and I hope karma gets every last one of them. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

Myler Disability Legal Services Review from Houston, Texas

My sister filled out her paper that was sent to her and had her letter of approval within six weeks. I was so happy. My husband had filled out papers and calls and talks to them all the time. If not they call him right back. We have been very satisfied. Thank you Mr. Myler
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Houston, Texas
Reason of review
Good customer service
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Myler Disability Legal Services Review from Houston, Texas

We're glad we were able to help this person obtain disability benefits. We take pride in helping people navigate the disability process with Social Security and care very much about the experience our clients have. If you have concerns about your claim, please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

Switched agents to much, but my first two was good and on the case, what ever I needed to know they found out, the third one didn't do anything, I did it all my self but got approved.

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Myler Disability - Disability Package Review from Houston, Texas

We just became aware of this review. Almost 3 years has passed and we hope that this person reached out to our office for clarification on why he/she was receiving the same paperwork more than once. It's very likely that if the new client package was sent multiple times, it was because the client asked us to. Other paperwork may seem repetitive, but nearly all of it is what Social Security requires to have updated from time to time. If you've got a question about why we're sending you something to be filled out and submitted, give us a call and we're happy to explain why.
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I applied for disability three times i provided all the information that was required ,myler disability keep sending the same package asking me to fill it again...very unorganized and very unreliable.....

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