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This review is likely a phony, created by one of our competitors. If you're looking for an experience company to handle your disability claim, please call Myler Disability. We've proven ourselves time and time again as one of the most successful disability advocacy groups in the country. Our team of experienced attorneys and staff will help you at any point in the administrative process and increase your chances of being approved.
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Myler Disability is by far the worst disability group our office has to deal with. They just push through as many claims as possible hoping one out of a hundred will strike gold.

They don't cares about your disability. They don't even care if you're even disabled. All they do is fax paperwork nonstop. The only time we hear from Myler's staff of non-attorneys is when they want to get paid.

You could choose anyone and receive better representation. You could file the claim yourself, save thousands, and get better results.

The reason it takes so long to get a determination is groups like Myler Disability jamming up the system. Don't waste your time or our time with these frauds.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I disagree open your eyes and ears. Our system requires mounds of paper work.

They were there for me and I am very pleased.

Yes you may be frustrated as I was but hang in if you are truly disabled it will be ok. Sorry for the initial kick in the throat, just wanted your attention.


You know it's horrible when someone from the SSA writes in a review to complain about you.Im so glad I went with another reputable lawfirm instead.