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This review was left anonymously, so we are unable to verify its authenticity. It appears that this person's claim was approved and they're upset that the SSI benefits were terminated once the SSDI benefits took effect. This is normal, as Social Security isn't going to allow you to draw a check for both SSI and SSDI at the same time. It also appears that this client is upset that the administrative law judge ordered a consultative examination after the hearing. These do delay the processing time of the claim, but here it was obviously helpful because it lead to the case being approved. If this client would like his/her questions answered or concerns addressed, we would love to help out. Give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
Atlanta, Georgia

i ahd waited for 3 yrs for myler to get me to see the ajlh judge from chicago to not get my backpay and know ssa cancel my ssi because of my ssd benefits living in Ga i feel like it wasn,t handle for the best of my benefits the attorney didn,t speak enough on my behalf seen like myler is low budget not experience to handle cases for people i could have done better off getting attorney in atlanta Ga they put my offset date from dec 2015 when i applied for ssd/ssi benefits the judge had me see another doctor it took 2 mo,s and i can not appeal his decision

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Social Security Disability Attorney.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Myler did awesome on my claim. They seem to be the best out there and I'm glad I trusted them.


There is a process the you go through filing for ssd. MYLAR was very good for my wifes claim. And you will lose ssi when the ssd claim starts