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Naples, Florida

These guys took two years of my life. All along I thought they were doing a good job for me. They answered my calls so I thought all was well.

My hearing date arrived and I answered all questions truthfully. The Myler attorney who sat in on the hearing took notes on a legal pad as the judge asked me questions. Hearing over the attorney said I represented myself well.

His last words to me were, "If your case is denied we will refile."

Two months later I receive a letter from Myler telling me about how I should appeal or start a new claim.

I did not realize my case had been denied. So I call my case manager and she tells me they are dropping me as a client. What the heck happened to "We will refile".

Two years of my life I wasted with these people.

I am sure they win some cases to stay in business.

However I would think long and hard before I trusted them with my future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Attorney.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

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Haven't used |Myler yet, their not the only one's who act like that. I chose another Diability company.

Before my hearing I asked them is their anything else I could do to support my claim. They said theirs nothing more to do but wait. Which their was something else I could have done, because they didn't accomplish anything. I emailed them crying my heart out about my situation, most of the time they would email back.

Their attorneys for the first hearing, met me at the last minute, and flew by all the details. Then the next hearing I had a female attorney, they switched attorneys without asking me anything. I think you should at least meet with attorneys at least a week or 2 before hearing. Get this the second hearing the judge didn't show.

It was the coldest day ever, but I made it their an hour early, wasted carfare, because he cancelled it to another date, which I asked my lawyer, how much longer it will be before the judge calls another hearing. I think it's unfair that they can not show up and make your case longer than necessary when you already had been waiting 2 years.

|If I didn't show up my case would have been cancelled. Again it was cold as ever below 0, I made it why didn't he.

Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States #843775

In 2010 my wife won her s.s disability case. She had to take her case in front of the hearing judge after being denied twice.

My wife had three letters from doctors stating she was disabled and the judge was surprised it had gone this long. On the day of her hearing the Myler attorney showed up just in time. he was completely prepared. He only needed to talk to my wife for a few minutes because he had all of her records.

This mylar attorney new exactly how to talk to the judge and just called out reference numbers to the medical records. The hearing did not last 5 minutes and the judge issued his ruling right then.

All back S.S payments included. Almost everyone gets denied at least once maybe twice.

to brainsurgery #844861

@ brainsurgery you are exactly right. my wife used them 4 years ago.

She was turned down the first time then appealed it and got a hearing with a hearing officer or judge..

about three or four months later and was fully favorable approved within a years time!

They did a great job and so the people that are against myler disability,,,

***They have an 80% winning percentage!! *** Not to shabby at all...