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We sincerely enjoy working with this client and feel that her concerns voiced in this online comment have been resolved. We continue to represent her on her claim for benefits and have verified to make sure all her concerns from when she posted this have been taken care of. We have used this experience as a teaching tool for our staff and feel that we are continuing to improve as we strive to provide amazing customer service to our clients.
Towanda, Pennsylvania

I left a message to inform my case manager of a new medication and they had my doctors info incorrect. When i tried to give her the address she would not take it the way i gavevit to her because she said she could not put it into her computer that way. I tried to give her the phone number so she could see for herself what the address is and she told me that was my job. I tried to lodge a complaint and keep getting the run around and being directed back to the same person that im trying to lodge the complaint about. I was not obscene or confontational, but i was adament to try to speak with a person higher up and itsvas if tbey dont exist. I asked to leave a message for Brad Myler and i was told there was no way to do that. In my opinion, these people seem shady and i am very nervous about having them handle my case. If they are worklng for people who are filing for disability it is because tbese people are disabled and maybe they are unable to gather all the info themseves. Thats why they hired Myler disability. If its my job to fix the incorrect info that they have and i have no idea how they came up with that info, what exactly are they doind?

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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