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Thank you for your kind words and for allowing us to help you throughout the disability process.
Doral, Florida
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I've been dealing with myler disability for 2 years until now the i went to court and im not going to lie this firm is great it took a while for my court hearing but over all my experience has been awesome as long as you get the records they ask for they'll do the rest and make sure they'll fight for you i dont know about some of yall and why you had problems but these folks were great to me i won my case in 30 minutes and sorry my memory is bad but to my lawyer thank you alot from the florida office

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They promise it takes 3 to 6 months to resolve your case? It took 2 yrs so you had to pay 25% of your money to them.

I sounds like they don't want to resolve your case fast because they make less money from you.

I used Binder & Binder in Miami & they charged a flat rate of $2500. It didnt matter how long they took to resolve your case.