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We are unable to verify if this is a review from a client we've represented. If we withdraw from someone's case, it's most likely because the medical records from the doctors do not match the extreme limitations the client is alleging. We would be happy to discuss this further with any client who has concerns. Call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Nashville, Tennessee

I went through myler disability the first time I got denied I wanted to withdraw from them they said I would have to fill out paperwork and everything else so I stayed with them because they said they would be able to help the third or fourth time on my appeal well the second time I got denied they withdrawal from my case only sending me a letter saying I got denied and they withdrawal without me even knowing they was going to I don't even know the reason they did I've tried calling an nobody is telling me anything so anybody that Is wanting to go through them DON'T DO IT THEY ARE NO GOOD!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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