Tampa, Florida

They have always stayed on top of my case. And i get plenty of feed back on my case from them.

Don't let these petty people on here get mad cause they don't have alot wrong and wanted the "easy way". Personally id rather work than only be able to sit on my butt. Very great company so far. Its been a yr n a half.

I just now got the right things going on in the medical field to even complete my case. Props to myler

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Hey I just filed through this company and I will tell anyone leave it in the Lord hands if it is meant for you than you shall receive i ave faith and I will continue to keep it.


Obviously a review posted by Myler


How dear u call us petty. Go to work if u can.

Theres a few of us that can't work anymore so don't u dare judge us that can't and whom have had a bad experience with these so called lawyers. Back off


Well said


if you would rather work then why are you trying to get disability then oh i see you work for them and you are trying to make the company look good (nice try) now go back to you desk now peon and try to figure your job out cause you idiots couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag sad but true


I've had the same experience. These guys are good and I like what they're doing for me.