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Thanks for standing up for us! We appreciate the active roll you've taken in helping develop your claim and we hope for the best at your upcoming hearing!
Phoenix, Arizona

Your all just mad because you got nothing. The state denied you not Myler the state looks into so much if they feel your *** is not disabled then guess what your declined.

Stop blameing Myler for what your state don't think you should have. I'm with Myler I believe they are helping me in many ways. I have not expierenced nothing of wich none of you say. Stop being so childish and saying such things move on if your not satisfied get a new law firm be grown about your situation.

Thank you Myler for all you done for me.. Shaye Nunez , Arizona!!!!!!

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Connecticut, United States #887493

Just by the way you speak, tells me that you are just the type of person the Government would assist and let milk the system.

Lenexa, Kansas, United States #885061

I totally agree. They seem to be really on point with My case as well.

I just a few weeks they've helped me accomplished way more that I would have gotten done on my own.

I don't have the attention span for all of this paperwork and they are helping me a LOT! As soon as I was assigned a case manager they emailed to let me know and they've kept in contact with me about everything!