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We would encourage this person to contact our office to discuss any issues she has with our company. We're not sure what you're talking about in this review, as you seem to suggest we charge people a legal fee if their case isn't approved. We're completely puzzled by this and wonder what you base this accusation on. Please be aware that Myler Disability is only paid a fee if a client's claim is approved, and only then after the fee has been reviewed and authorized by Social Security. If anyone reading this is a client of ours and has questions about how our fee agreement works, please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626 and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.
Aurora, Colorado
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Talk about grateful...I owe u all huge! I gave them my information today and for some reason had a gut feeling something wasn't right so I googled them and when I get.their paperwork NO WAY IN *** AM I SIGNING IT!!

A matter of fact I think I'll bring it to an investigator and let them listen in while I ask them "So if I lose I don't have to pay you" and see if they lie and say I don't! If the paperwork says that's not true maybe I can get them shut down and release all your debt!

God willing!

Anyone wanna discuss email me at

I'm so sorry this happened to u I'm gonna try and STOP THEM

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what the *** are you talking about? If you have a real critique to make, please do, but senseless stuff like this isn't helping any of us.