Woodstock, Georgia

This is not a complaint. I live here in florida and had hired on myler over a year ago to help with my disability claim.

I chose them because my brother used them for his mental illness and had won his case. Here i sit with sle lupus, bipolar, antiphospholipid syndrome (blood clotting au5toimmune disease that im required to take blood thinners for the rest of my life) which by the way though im therapuetic i continue to have lacunar infarcts (type of mini stroke) also have bulging discs in my neck protruding into spinal canal that has been said can up my chances of full on strokes :/ anyways denied first and second time then waited a year to see alj. My attorney was polite and walked me through everything. Prepared me for the things ild be questioned on.

Ive never had a problem with them not calling in fact they called me every few months to update my medical files. Only problem was all the medical release forms yhey kept sending me to sign and send back. Durring the alj hearing he represented me well and told me how long i can expect to wait on my decision and if im denied there are more steps he will get me through. Its been 2 1/2 months and still waiting on my decision.

I called their office and left a message and they called me back the very next day to tell me that they where waiting on two medical update papers the judge allowed extra time for. Over all even if im denied i feel positive that myler has helped me in the bast way they can and i probably need to make sure what they request gets to them in time instead of waiting till the last minute

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If you live in fla why do this review state at the top of page ga?


Thats a true statement they are good and may god bless us all