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We definitely share this client's frustrations! It is absolutely ridiculous that it is taking Social Security so long to issue a decision on her case. We have been calling SSA to get regular updates on the status and it appears that the decision has finally been written and is back on the judge's desk, presumably awaiting signature. I was able to have a nice conversation this morning with this client and I shared with her this most recent status update. We also discussed how it is disheartening to have things take so long. I understand that it's easy for our clients to lash out at us when they're frustrated, but Myler Disability is not the Federal Government. We have no way of making the judge issue a decision faster, just like we have no way of making Congress allocate additional funding to Social Security or making the President deactivate his Twitter account. I would encourage this client, and any other client with similar concerns regarding the extreme slowness with which the Social Security Administration operates, to remember that we are on a team, both fighting the same slow, inefficient Federal bureaucracy. We will continue to keep this client apprised of any development that happens with her case. We sincerely hope that our long wait for her decision is almost over.
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I saw the judge in May 2017, no word except the excuse of back logged! I could have gotten my medical records and waited by myself and not have had to pay anyone!

Apparently they are at the mercy of Social Security, so they can't help you with anything. I am not a mean vindictive person. I can not drive now due to my conditions, HOME BOUND. I have been in the process for 3 years!

This definitely hasn't helped me! Oh, and by the way in order to post this I have to agree to their Terms, won't let me read them!

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