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We're sorry to hear about the transportation issues you had on the date of the hearing. We're trying to get your hearing rescheduled. Please give us a call when you get a chance. We are mindful you have had phone issues, so make sure you call our 1-800...
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Thanks for your loyalty and for sticking with us! We're sorry to hear about your phone problems. Remember, you can always call us toll-free on a land line at 1-800-652-9626. We look forward to continuing to work with you.
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We appreciate your comments and we thank you for your service to our country. We just became aware of this review and if you still have questions about your disability claim and how it would be impacted by your VA disability benefits, please give us a call at...
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  • Disabled vets
We wish that the person who submitted this review would call us to discuss these concerns so that we can address them. Because the review is anonymous, we're unable to verify its authenticity. We want to make sure that we're addressing the unique needs of...
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We're happy to share that we were able to win this client's case and get her benefits. She became frustrated during the waiting process, but the wait times have absolutely nothing to do with Myler Disability. Rather, every single person that applies for...
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Myler Disability - Review in Lawyers category from Charlotte, North Carolina

I got my disability in one year. Their were no hassles. I was very pleased. I feel I could not have gotten it without their help. It was worth every penny I paid them. I did not have to appeal.
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Myler Disability is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Good quality
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Myler Disability - Disability Claim Review from Raeford, North Carolina

We just became aware of this review and we wish we could have addressed these concerns much earlier. If you have questions about your case, we'd encourage you to call so that we can help you through this difficult process. Here, we're unable to verify the authenticity of this anonymous review, but we care very much about the experience our clients have and strive to do all we can to help you receive a favorable outcome. While we can't win every case, we've been successful tens of thousands of time and take pride in the work we do. If you have further questions, please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
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Poor customer service

What a joke...

I went before a judge one October 17th 2014 ,after waiting 3yrs.

Got my denial letters on December 12th 2014 I called them to. Because they give u 60 days to over turn this decision they told me they didn't want to continue to work with me because they really didn't see any point to it. If that was the case why take my case in the first place I never meet my so called lawyer until the day of my hearing in October. So I rush to find another lawyer that would take my case I find one I quickly call back because they need some papers stating that they have resigned as my lawyers I ask them considering the time is so short if they can FAX everything to the new lawyer they say No. That's not my problem we will mail it to you & you then can take it from there.. I wait for the letter I receive a letter but it's the wrong one I then HA e room call them back & ask being as confused as can be if they can mail me the correct letter or if they were going to represent me. They say no they were not going to represent me that they will mail the correct letter out.

As I was speaking to them I say that I have even more proof of my disability if this will help because I Really didn't want to start over with a new lawyer after 3yrs again they tell me no because we don't see any reason on representing you.

After the fact.

They was so nasty to speak to.

They showed how much they cared for there people's...

Horrible.. will never work with them again or suggest to anyone about them.

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Myler Disability review in Weaverville, North Carolina: Disability Claim for Epilepsy

We would encourage any of our clients who have concerns or questions about their case to give us a call. We're happy to discuss things with you. Remember, we only get paid if your case is approved, so our #1 goal is to help you get benefits. Having regular communication with our clients is a critical part of this, and if for any reason you're not happy with one of our employees, please let us know.
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After months of not hearing from Myler Disability concerning my SSD request, and not hearing from them despite calling them numerous times-even after telling LACY BIRCH they could at least stay in contact with us-it is still the same old thing with MYLER DISABILITY. Contract or NOT-they have Failed to provide as an Attorney Should, and their "service" is Horrendous!

They need to Remember that a contract doesn't mean people Have to tolerate their Dis-Service. If you dont do your JOB-the one youre PAID to so-you CAN be Fired!

LACY BIRCH wouldnt even provide the name or number of her BOSS so that we could tell them she has been so cavalier and incompetent! Someone needs to do something about her-those of us seeking SSI/SSD cannot afford to be Ignored as we Suffer!

If you get an answering machine when you call, please leave a message and we'll call you right back. We answer most calls as they come in, but when we can't, we make sure to call back within a day. Keeping in contact with our clients is an important key in...
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