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Sorry to hear that you're upset. We hope you attended the Consultative Examination that Social Security scheduled for you and we wish you the best as you continue to proceed with your case. We were attempting to help you obtain disability benefits from Social Security when you fired us as your representatives. As you know, we also agreed to waive fees when we withdrew. We did this out of concern for your mental well-being and to not add additional stress to what is obviously a difficult time for you.
Atlanta, Georgia


Myler Disability LLC has Grossly/Covertly operated their Lawfirm as a Deceptive/Unfair Business Practises, Social Security Federal and State Fraudulent Business Practices, Explotied Disabled Clients, and Discriminated against their Disabled Clients. They tricked us into signing an "Uninformed Contract" to represent us. That is a Felony and Gross violations to "Legal-Malpracties."

REPORT: If this has happened to you or Loveone, PLEASE CONTACT your (a.) Social Security Fraud-Alert Federal Trade Commision Hotline#; (b.) State's Consumer Protections Hotline#; (c.) State's Bar Liscene Consumer Assistance #; and (d.) Local States Congressmen's Office.

Myler's Disabilty Lawfirm intentional Professional Codes Misconduct of Egregious Breech of Fiduciary Duties, and Derelictions of Legal duties Severly Adversely Degraded/Harmed my SSI Appeals Court Hearing back on March 26, 2019 and Traumatized me. I discovered I have been dealing with "A pack of Wolves-6Attorneys, dressed in sheep's clothings." They are Detroyers set up to do business to rob, kill, and destroy their Disabled Clients who are not abled to work.

ADVERSE MOTIVES: Myler Disabilty Owner Atty. Bradford Myler, CEO Atty David Danial Bott; and Affliates-including Attormeys Atty. Shani Frankin have Systemically Exploited, Manipulated, Set-up their SSDI Clients, and SSI Clients inorder to get away with illgeally Defrauded Schems to collect/defraud the maximun amounts fees from your payouts $6000.00 vs only 25%.

VIOLATED: "Theif by Deception"

AVISORY NOTICE: Please check with your States Secretary of State to ensure they have an Artical of Certificate as a LLC company, Doing Business As, and registered Business Liscenced for "Intra Commerce" to avoid State and Federal and State Tax Evasions.

COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS OVERSIGHTS WATCHMEN: It is our duty and responcibility to protect the Intergity of Social Security Programs from operating as "Crooked and Perverted RICO Schemes."

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