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We're sad to see this person so upset with our office. We'd be happy to address his/her concerns and would encourage him/her to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We'd like to hear more detail in regards to what we may have done that “screwed this up.” It's quite likely that there's a misunderstanding in regards to what you're required to provide to Social Security, even if you do have an attorney. Also, we find it very unlikely that you can't get ahold of your case worker. We answer most calls as they come in and if you have to leave a message, we call back as soon as we can, always within 1 business day. Please give us a call.

I hired this company to help me file for SSI; not only was I denied while using this group, but I had to do all the paperwork myself. I had to deal with social security with no coaching or advice.

I was left hanging. When I attempted to speak with a human instead of a voice mail I was on hold forever and they had to route me through three different people before I was able to speak with someone. All in all, this has been a very difficult and negative experience.

I'm currently trying to find someone local that can fix this group's mess so I can get back on track. They really screwed this up.

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i don't know about you but I have my case workers extention and Myler is set up to reconize your phone number so you go direct to your case worker and leave a message, no prompts or transfering and she always gets back to me, as well as the attorney on the case. :cry
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This is the exact samething that happened to me I am currently going through this and they won't send me a list with all of the work done so I know if they deserve to be paid and they also made me get denied twice I'm up for my hearing with no lawyer soon

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How can you be denied twice, the first time you have a lawyer and the second time you have the same lawyer. Your fee agreement tells you what you will be paying for.

The first time it went to court it was $6,0000. two years later it is $8,000.00 it is 25% of back pay. You need to go to SS on line and figure your benefit. It will give you your total back pay amount and your monthly amount.

You just need to research whats available. :cry