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Myler Disability Customer Care Review from New York, New York

We are unable to verify the authenticity of this review, but it does appear to be a client that we were able to help obtain benefits. We would encourage him to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626 to discuss these issues in detail. We're happy to help him out with what's going on, but he needs to contact us so we know who he is! In regards to the issues he addresses, we understand his frustration. However, we did not “neglect” to file anything with Social Security. Rather, Social Security inadvertently released the entirety of the client's past-due benefits to a government entity that had loaned money to the client. Social Security sometimes makes this mistake (about 2% of the time in our experience). Once they have released the money and realize they shouldn't have, they usually inform the client that the attorney still needs to be paid (which it appears they did here). We're always very happy to set up payment plans to help our clients out, as we know that paying the full amount all at once is often impossible. Here, my guess is that this client never called to discuss this with us. Rather, he calls us “greedy” because Social Security has informed him that he still owes us money (which, by the way, in a case like this the fee we receive rarely covers the expenses of helping the client; most of these SSI claims require quite a bit of pro bono work on our part). We would encourage him to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We'll figure out something that works for him and helps us cover some of our expenses.
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Poor customer service

The fee agreement is for myler disability to receive a percentage of my "back payments" if we won case. We won and my back payments were around 4,500.

of which myler disability share was 1,500.However since someone in their office was incompetant and forgot to file with social security for their fee...the social security administration confiscated/used my ENTIRE back payments to pay HRA, repay HRA monies that it gave to me in supportive services,as is their policy. When I contacted SSA about lawyers fee, they said the normal proceedure for packpayments is: to pay attorneys,then HRA,then whoever else is owed the client gets what remains. However since the lawyers neglected to file with SSA for payment they paid the entire backpayments to HRA. The rub is that because someone at myler messed up, they want to push up on my monthly stipend of 733.00 .

first of all i rent a room in a no cooking buiding for 405.00 ,my carefare expenses are 100.00, my phone & laundry are 100.00, and I got around 100 left to live on for the month; eating out,toiletries,any clothes i buy, etc.I mean I cannot live on 733.00 a month, all i think about all the time is money, *** i cant even afford to buy a book,mag,or paper.ive been using same paper cup to make coffee in cause i cant afford to the $2.00 to buy a real cup.i cut back on visits to my physical therapist cause thats 5.50 per visit. Life sucks and so do greedy lawyers

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I to am worried its been almost 3 yrs and see no progress myler says i have to wait on ss another 18 months i cant work had pace maker put in me then after had 4 strokes myler has all info needed but nothing soon ill be homeless i also know of a few people who got a different firm and a year later they were set what should i do email me pls

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Myler Disability - Disability Insurance Review from New York, New York

We're unsure as to the authenticity of this review. If this is someone we have represented, we'd encourage them to contact us at 1-800-652-9626 so that we can address any concerns he/she may have. Please give us a call.
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Surfing the Internet? They contacted me?

I was experiencing a lot of pain? Had been told body was full of Arthritis? Submitted my personal Info, which I realize as I am writing was ***! I worried about that constantly, and said so?

No calls no help with paper work, rude reps?

Then one day a denial comes in mail! I havent seen a Dr, nothing!

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Myler Disability did nothing!!

There are 2 sides to every story and we'd love the opportunity to talk with this person to address his/her concerns and see if there's anything we can do to help clarify all of her misconceptions. While we are unable to verify if this is an actual client (the review was anonymous), we're absolutely certain that nearly everything in this review is incorrect. We would encourage this person to call us, however, so that we can go through everything and see if anything was done improperly. The accusation that we sent a threatening letter or that we'd steal half of the fee from the new attorney is absolutely false. Please call us so that we can address these concerns in their entirety. We can be reached at 1-800-652-9626.
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Pissed in NYC less than a minute ago New York City, New York

BEWARE of Myler Disabiliy! I have tried to get SSD/SSI twice. I was turned down the first time and turned to Myler disability the second time. They asked me to send any medical records that I had and they wanted a list of all my doctors. I sent what I had and they claim they didn't get all of it..sent it again. Had to go to my local Social security office to file for SSI on my own, as they did not file for SSI!! Spent two 8 hour days there!! The SS person who helped me with my SSI application said "if your lawyer wants to be part of your SSI claim,tell them to send in their forms" Kept getting copies of letters sent to Myler from SSA determination saying that "if they don't send in anymore of my medical records, that my file will be closed. Had to call them to send in their forms that SSA had requested. My case went fast. Had to get a physical from SSA's hired doctors since they did not have enough of my records to go by...Found out that my decision was unfavorable because SSA had to determine from THEIR PHYSICAL ONLY..if I was disabled. I have years and years of Medical Records and only a handful were obtained for my case. I have changed lawyers for the appeal,as Myler did nothing! They are now threatening me , and telling me I will be owing them money and that my new lawyer will have to give them half the money if they win my appeal...I can go on and on...In a nutshell, They got no medical records , they never answered their phones, never answered my emails, Always said they never received my faxes, never sent the proper legal forms to file for the case until I reminded them. They are now Threatening me that I will owe them money and that my new lawyer will have to pay them half of their earnings if they win. I need a letter that Myler has withdrawn from my case and I am sure I will be fighting to get that.....MYLER SUCKS..they have set me back two years............Please stay away from them! They are a nightmare. Show less

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Myler jacked me around just like your description. They flat out lied to me told me they had filed my diet need, then found that they didn't, they don't do what they promise,don't return phone calls, I found that I could have been able to collect $ while the case was being handled, mis filed information, and meanwhile I'm losing my house because I couldn't prove an income to qualify for the making home affordable programs,and I finally called the Social Security office in Denver and explained my citation and they told me that Myler never requested any hearing and I actually was able to get a court date 2 weeks later,only to find out Myler didn't present any of the revelant factors for my case.

I could write a lot more than this but bottom line THEY SUCK.



I really wish I had read all of these complaints before I hired them. When I googled disability lawyers their add said they are the #1 disability advocate in the United States. It seems that I have to do all the work for them I am very annoyed by the lack of effort on their part and now I am stuck with them I have been evicted from my home and have nowhere to go and they will not file for an immediate hearing because I can't prove where I live I offered to send a copy of my truck title because that is the only address I can give but that is not enough and the case worker I have does not return calls and is reluctant to file my speedy hearing papers.

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