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As we have explained to you already, we withdrew from your case because we felt that the medical evidence did not support your allegations of disability. We will not discuss specifics on a public forum such as this, but in essence, your medical records don't match what you've told us. You're still welcome to pursue your claim with Social Security. Our withdrawal from the case should not impact your claim in any way.
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Think twice before entering into agreement with Myler Disability. Last year I had open heart surgery and I filed for ss disability and I was denied.

So not sure what to do I contacted Myler Disability talk to them answered all of their questions signed the paperwork and I agreed to have them represent me and they agreed to represent me in the hearings and appeals if necessary. So with a false sense of hope I thought that I would be all set and just had to wait until the first hearing and see what would happen and take it from there. Well I was never so wrong because the other day I received a letter from ss stating that Myler Disability had dropped my case which meant I was going to be on my own again and this letter was dated on march 15 2019 and the reason that I bring up the date is that on the 12th I sent a email to my case manager asking if there was any up dates on my case and on the 13th I received a email back stating that there was nothing new going on and we are just waiting for a hearing date. So just two days later they decided to drop me without letting me know.

The only way that I knew was the ss office so there was enough time for them to mail a letter to the ss office and for the ss office to write up a letter and mail it to me, But I dont hear a word from Myler Disability at all. I called their office and finally got to talk to my case manager and they informed me that they dropped the case because they didnt think that there was enough evidence. I have had two heart attacks and a quintuple bypass but they determine that there is not enough evidence to support a claim. Tell me if I am wrong but they took the case on and had a contract to help me through this process present the information we have to ss and let them make a decision from there.

That was the agreement/ contract Myler disability and I had between us. I asked my case worker one question which was that if I wasnt happy with Myler Disability could I break the agreement/ contract and fire them without having to pay the percent of the fees they require and the answer was NO they would get their money no matter what.

So what it comes down to in plain english is Myler disability believes that they dont have hold up to their end of a agreement/ contract even though they expect you to. I would think twice before I signed anything with this company and check out other options james dean

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