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We appreciate your comments and for allowing us to represent you in your pursuit of benefits through Social Security. Now that your hearing is assigned, we have assigned one of our attorneys to your case. She will be getting in contact with you as we get closer to the hearing. If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call and we'll be happy to address any of these with you. We again thank you for allowing us to help you through this disability process.

It’s been taking along time with SSI , 2 years to be exact. Mylar has done everything thus far that an attorney would do .

I have my hearing date and Mylar has and still continues to request records, HOWEVER, I also keep them updated. If there weren’t any wins then how are they still in business ?!

Only problem I’m not really liking , is no contact with my assigned attorney.

They never gave up even though there were many bumps in the road ( due to unforeseen incedents)

Wish me luck , for Hearing coming this Sept in Ma. Like

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