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We just became aware of this review and this obscure website. While nearly all of our clients are very satisfied with the services we offer, we realize that there will always be a person here and there that is unhappy, even if we get their case approved. We encourage them to call our office to discuss their questions or concerns and allow us the opportunity to help them. We take pride in the work we do and want to help our clients during this difficult time in their lives. With this particular review, we're unable to verify its authenticity but would encourage the author to call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Leesburg, Florida

Because of this crooked place I got denied.the only reason I knew that was a letter from ssi office. Prior to that I called my rep.

Amber..and by the way I have never once spoken to an attorney..she said my file was complete and nothing was missing...I found out later this girl got canned..she forgot.about my case completely!!! Drop this jokester of a law firm before you get the third strike and you're out from social security..All you have to do is fax a letter to their office stating no one will represent or the name of the firm & not to send your any 3rd party..I have enough chronic pain due to my disability I shouldn't have any grief from a lawyer bloodsucking my injury!!

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