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Thank you for your kind words and for allowing us to help you throughout the disability process.
Rantoul, Illinois

I've been dealing with MD for almost 3 years But I expected it to take this long. All these reviews on here that say stuff about them evidently they had nothing wrong with them and trying scam to get a free ride.

I have had ever question answered and every phone call answered since I have been with them. I have a hearing coming up in about 3 months. If you all read about S.S and the appeals and read about how long it takes in your state you wouldn't be bashing them.

Grow up quit bad mouthing them and wait your 2 to 3 years cause thats how long some cases take. It will be worth it in the end after you get a bunch of your medical records built up.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I am going through Myler Disability and they have been very nice and helpful. I have no complaints about them. As a matter of fact I was told about them and were spoken highly recommended.


I have had no issues either.. My case started in October 2013 and my hearing was on July 9th 2015 and I won my case.. My lawyer was GREAT and they did an awesome job keeping on top of my medical records...

Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States #995623

i havent had any issues with them either. my spine is in extremely bad shape.

and when i read off my mri report to the secretary named sarah. she was insistent to get my case dealt with and very thorough about everything. i want them to ask me the questions the others seemed to have issues with . if they didnt ask me those questions i wouldnt have stayed.

they are supposed to by law ask your age. its called DOB. we all have to give it to most the system information parties dealing with situation that are as extreme as disability claims. what did those ppl want.

to be anon? haha. i agree with you that maybe they were scamming the system and didnt wanna work with anyone. they just wanted a check cut the day they spoke to them.

thats not gonna happen. it takes time to get these things dealt with, squared out. i never understood why ppl are so negative about the time it takes.

i would rather them take this time, be complete with everything and get my case correct. than be half ***.