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We just became aware of this review and wish we could have addressed this concern with this lady back at the time she wrote it. We try very hard to help our clients get the benefits they deserve. Here, it's likely that there was nothing that could be done with her husband's prior claim, although we would need to have more information before knowing for sure. We work on a contingency basis, so there's no motivation for us to settle for anything less than the very most we can get for you. We're glad we were able to win this case, but wish this person had called us 4 years ago to address these concerns instead of posting them on an obscure website that took us years to find. If any of you reading this have questions about your claim, give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. We sincerely want to help our clients in this disability process and need them to contact us with their concerns.
Alameda, California

It took them 3 years to get my husband $156.00 a month but didn't go after the real problem that was to get his Disability case re-opened. The case was turned over to six different attorneys before it went in front of a judge.

They agreed to SSI and didn't discuss with my husband what he was giving up. So, now that we are understanding what SSI is really about we can't get Myler to go back in front of the judge and no other attorney will touch the case. So, if Mr. Brad Myler reads these complaints I just want to let you know that your firm is full of attorneys that don't really care about anyone.

Your company has made it so that my family has been destroyed and that in order for us to survive that I will have to divorce my husband so, he can get help to take care of all his medical bills. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS YOUR JOB! SO I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!! MR.


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How does he only receive $156.00 a month, no one gets that little, it starts @ $850.00 in California


All of the comments on this site make me super nervous! I have a case to try and get disability for my bipolar, depression, anxiety and osteoarthritis which all causes me trouble keeping jobs and now from getting a job at all because I need to focus on getting better and I was hoping Myler could help some of the finacial stress on my family, but I think I have just lost all hope.

I'm afraid of just backing out because I can't afford any fees we are so poor my family and I have to live with my parents. Anyone have any ideas on possibly backing out and of a good disability company I can use?

to Virgintoattouneys #816661

I will tell you not to worry, I have Myler and I began in 2010 was denied, 2012 went before a judge first time was denied, these steps are standard for your disabilities, but for osteoarthritis 90% of the population has it, so do I, but my back and shoulder are worse than that, as far as your mental disorder focus on that, get all the records you can, see a therapist its important to be proactive doing all you can do to get help. 2014 I am going for my second hearing, it is not the attorney's, SS has all medical doctors in the court room along with a vocational expert to see if you can do the same work you always have or something else, your mental disorder is your strongest disorder