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We'd like very much for this person to give us a call so that we can address her concerns. Because the review is anonymous, we're unable to verify its authenticity. It does appear, though, that we were able to help this person obtain SSI benefits. For her to have also obtained SSDI benefits, she would have needed to prove disability further back in time, prior to what is called her “date last insured.” Again, because this is an anonymous review, I can't verify what this date is on her claim, nor the strength of her medical records prior to that date. We'd love to help this client with her concerns, but she needs to call us to discuss these things. Posting anonymous, angry, untrue statements on an obscure website isn't an effective way to communicate with your attorney. Give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
Santee, California

I hired Mylers disability to fight for ssdi and SSI. They expected me to do all there work for them they never contacted my doctors for medical records or did any foot work.

The first lawyer they gave me Jason I had only met him one time the day of court. Spoke to him a few days prior to court. Honestly I don't even know what we spoke about. I told them I was diagnosed with PTSD and they never followed up on it nor did it come out in court.

He told me we was fighting for my ssdi never did he say we lost. After court he said he was 98 % sure we won and 4 months later I get a letter stating I was denied. Then I was told we were going back into court to appeal it and it took 1year before I spoke to my lawyer. And guess what it was a different lawyer.

Now we r starting all over she knew nothing about my case. I spoke to her maybe 2 times and the day of court I spoke to her for five minutes before we went into court. When we went in she was unprepared and the judge was mad and taking it out on me. To get to the end they never said I lost my ssdi nor did she bring it up.

It wasn't them that won my SSI it was the SSI mental doctor. But that's not what I wanted I wanted my ssdi. When I questioned my lawyer she said well at least u still have your husbands income. I can't get income from SSI because my husband makes to much money.

That's why she said that. They have been very inconsiderate with me and no compassion. Yes I have been upset with them and said some things but wouldn't u? I get no compassion from them at all.

I told them I wanted to go back to court but they have been ignoring my calls. Now there saying my lawyer told me on a certain date that I lost my ssdi and that is such a lye. I am reporting them to the state Barr association. I am not letting them get away with this.

They r not lawyers and they don't care about there clients.

They r lying to us when they say they care about u and winning your ssdi. This post they have up is fake please be careful.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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