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If Social Security improperly sent us a fee that they shouldn't have, please let us know and we will get it returned to you as soon as possible. We most certainly will not “steal your money” and will make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to. Because the person that submitted this review did not identify him/herself, I'm unable to verify if any of this information is correct. In the past, there have been times when Social Security has sent us a fee they shouldn't have. Every single time that this has happened, we have returned the fee to Social Security. We will continue to do so in the future whenever it happens because (1) it's the right thing to do, and (2) keeping a fee that isn't approved by Social Security can have consequences for an attorney that are very severe, including being barred from ever practicing in front of the Agency again. If you have questions, you can call us at 1-800-652-9626.

In December 2015 I reapplied for SSI-D benifits, in february 2016 I got the denial letter about the SSI-D part and only that part. I contacted myler disability to help, about 4 days later I got another one of those phone interview letters scheduled for SSI/supplemental.

On february23,2016 I qualified for SSI/supplemental but I still had not received any paper from myler, so this means myler is not untitled to any payments because I was not their client at the time. In July 2016 the SSI office sent myler the rest of my back pay for SSI without confirming dates.

Myler disability seems to be refusing to return this and won't look at their own actions that have caused this. Myler disability will steal your money

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Social Security Disability Legal Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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