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We are grateful for you trusting us with your case and allowing us to serve you. We realize how difficult it is to become disabled and to no longer be able to chase your career goals and ambitions, but we also know that life can have deep purpose and meaning no matter what comes our way. Keep you head up and know that we support you no matter what! And thanks for trusting us with your case.
Leon Valley, Texas

My daily life changed very fast with the strong progression of a bone disease I inhearited.Though they werent able to go back to the very first time I filed they did go back some and it was so much easier with thier help.I was so sick and adjusting to having others help me and now losibg my walking but so greatful for thier services.It was hard to swallow my pride and go on disability and though its a struggle cause its not enough to really live off of if I were single I am greatful for now at least I can go see the specialists i need to even if I have to still sign up for alot of assistance and medication assistant programs at least medicare covers my dr visits and Continued bloodwork and xrays to track and help me find treatment options to try to at least slow it and to make the pain somewhat bearable.Mylers was on top of things even when i was forced to move states to stay with other family due to I couldnt work and family in one state didnt want the burden of me there.So while staying with other family after the move I was approved and not too long after my medicare started sinvr they were able to go back.Now that I am losing my walking and my bones are deformed even more so I am exstremely greatful they even contact me once a year to check up on me and to offer setvices about advantage health plans as every year thry go up and our checks dont by hardky nothing.So nothing but greatful for thier hard work and making at least one person feel important still even if they cant contribute to society like they had hoped.People put down being on disability but really I dont recieve enough to live on my own but without it Id worse off at least I can try to feel like im helping support the boys and cloth myself and contribute to the household and be able to see the doctors or I would already be in a home at 40.So being on disability I am not proud of but at least it provided me some dignity when one loses the ability to do what others take for granted it matters in the eyes of those who are suffering even more zo for those who are younger and the cards seem stacked against them.So thankyou mylers for your help

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Reason of review: Good customer service.

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