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We appreciate your comments and we thank you for your service to our country. We just became aware of this review and if you still have questions about your disability claim and how it would be impacted by your VA disability benefits, please give us a call at 1-800-652-9626. You're right that your claim should be expedited if you have a 100% VA disability rating. We've helped thousands of veterans through this process and would love the chance to help you as well.
Charlotte, North Carolina

I am a 100% disabled veteran and I recently called Meyer disability to speak to them about representing me. They were very polite and pleasant, but they did not know that my case is supposed to be expedited due to the fact that I am a 100% disabled veteran.

I was shocked that the claims rep did not know this and I'm worried about using their services now from her lack of information and knowledge.

Please respond and let me know your thoughts, especially if any disabled veterans have used their service or family members or friends of one. Thank you very much.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm also a disabled vet and they have been real good to me I alo download my files from the VA since the docs can not write a letter stating that I can not work so it's been in the doc notes in my file


As an angry republican and Trump voter, I believe I should get everything for free because my neighbor Millie's ex husband's son in law was in the military, which I feel entitles me to a lot!!!! Customer service should be ashamed not offering to forgive my mortgage and car payments! They must be liberals with this kind of unacceptable customer service!!!!!

Hopefully You filed a Complaint on yelp, and then called the police!

@Mrs. Bonnie Smegmanudle

Was this a response to my comment? If so, what did your response mean. It did not make sense in any way.

@Mrs. Bonnie Smegmanudle

Typical Trump supporter. Just more proof that Trump will destroy this country and take his *** supporters right along with him.

What about truly disabled people who worked most of their lives then suddenly get sick, can't work and can't pay the bills and can't get their own money back because they are only 51 and are forced to get on food stamps etc. That person is me. I am a disabled recently widowed 51 year old and have been trying to get SS but because of how long it takes I was forced to get on food stamps and I hate it, it makes me feel like a lazy mucher, but getting help from the government when you can no longer work was what made this country great, it was something we all wanted once upon a time, but too many people take advantage and too many illegals getting OUR money. Help drum the us government was supposed to be for US citizens only.

Liberals are too generous and conservatives are too stingy. OK rant over.