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It doesn't appear that this online comment is from an actual client of Myler Disability. The complaint, though, is one that should be address because of how long it can take for a disability claim to be processed by the Social Security Administration. Processing times have nothing to do with the attorney you hire, but rather with the backlog that SSA is facing in whichever part of the country you live in. If this online comment is from an actual client, it appears he/she is from the Richmond, VA area. Processing times there take much longer than 1 year from the time a person applies until a hearing is held before an administrative law judge. At Myler Disability, our goal is to be by your side during this process and help you further develop your case so that once it is finally scheduled, you'll have a greater chance of winning. If you're a client of ours, please give us a call and we can give you the current wait times for your local Social Security hearings office (ODAR) and share with you ways to make your case stronger while you're waiting. Call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Richmond, Virginia

What a joke this company is. Been nothing but a waste of time.

Been a year now and still nothing.

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