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Thanks for standing up for us! We want to answer phone calls when then come in, but as you pointed out, if we don't answer, it's because we're on the phone with another client or with a doctor's office as we try getting medical records. If you have to be on hold, we'll get to you shortly. If you leave a message, we'll call back quickly, and at the latest within 1 day. We really care about our clients and want to continue offering them excellent customer service.
Phoenix, Arizona
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You people don't have a clue what you're talking about. I used myler myself and they did a wonderful job for me.

So what if you're put on hold for a little while.

Just means they are busy people and are working hard on your claim. So man up and give these people some credit.

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I actually used them and happened to be on this site to get the info to give to another person ..I am shocked at what I am reading, I feel like they were helpful, attentive and returned calls when needed or contacted me for things they might need. My claim was quickly resolved and when SS held back money for review, they helped me get it cleared up AFTER they had been paid and didn't charge me anything other than the fee agreed to ( a percentage of the award) sorry I don't recall the exact percentage or amount, but the aggravation the alleviated was well worth it, as another lawyer had the case 4 years and mishandled it.

They are professional and I would recommend them.