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We aren't sure if this is a review from anyone Myler Disability has represented, or has ever talked to on the phone. If t his person is upset because we told his wife to sign and mail back our representation paperwork, we're sorry if offense was taken. If she's unable to read, she needs to have someone explain to her what the documents say. Without a client signing our paperwork and acknowledging that (1) they are hiring us to represent them in their disability claim, and (2) they are filing a disability claim with Social Security, we simply cannot represent them. If a client can't understand the paperwork, we're always happy to answer questions. However, they need to find a family member or friend they trust to help them complete the requisite paperwork.
Dallas, Texas
Product or Service Quality

I fired them before I hired them. During intake info.

I told them about wife's issues.

She couldn't read and write very well. They called her and told her to sign papers she told them that she can't read and write they told her it didn't matter to sign and mail it in any way WTF------ my name is michael horton dallas i will not recommend my leg to anyone

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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