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I had the opportunity to talk to this client shortly after she submitted this review. We are very sympathetic to the difficult life situations she is facing, but unfortunately the majority of her problems are well beyond the scope of what a disability application can address. From what we can tell, she is particularly upset that she doesn't have transportation to get to an upcoming doctors appointment. She has expressed this concern to my staff in the past and we have tried helping her identify other means of transportation. Regrettably, she is uninterested in any such discussions. We sincerely wish this person the best and hope that she can get the help she needs.

My name is penny skinner You saod ypu help me but insteed i end up homeless and still no ss disibily .. cant get to there doctord they say take a cab or walk...

fake *** dont trust ake to talk to bard myler the lady said get real and get a job.... so when i die with no help from you my kids can say thanks to brad myler

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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