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We just became aware of this review. While we can't verify its validity (due to it being an anonymous post), it's likely that it's not legitimate. We are always looking forward to finding highly qualified individuals to add to our team. If we retracted an offer, it was likely because the person didn't pass our simple criminal background check.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Beware of employment offers with this company. I was offered a position by HR.

Four hours later the HR Manager called to retract the offer saying their had been miscommunication between her and her manager and the position was already filled. Unfortunately I had cancelled a promising second interview based on her previous job offer. If nothing else, they are very unprofessional, if not unethical.

It could have been a mix up or it could have been a bait and switch because she did offer me a position that paid 3 less per hour at the end of the conversation.

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Im still waiting cnt really comment they return my calls everytime.But I have been denied twice now I'm waiting on an hearing date. It's been almost two years. :zzz :upset


From my perspective, this company tends to lean toward hiring people under 25, which isn't bad at all, however what happened to a little diversity in the workplace