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We're sad that this client wasn't approved for benefits. Our attorney that covered this case, (who lives in this client's home state), did the best she could at the hearing to convince the administrative law judge that this client was unable to work. All of the medical records had been submitted, testimony from the client was presented, and all the normal legal arguments were made. However, in the end it was the judge who decided that this client was still able to sustain a job. At Myler Disability, we're not ambulance chasers. We are simply trying to help disabled individuals obtain benefits from Social Security. While we've been successful in helping tens of thousands of clients obtain benefits, there are times that Social Security doesn't rule our way. The same happens with all other attorneys and representatives out there. When we do received an unfavorable decision, we can often appeal, but it greatly depends on how strong the records are and how believable the client sounded during her testimony. If this client would like to discuss further why we weren't able to continue representing her, she can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Bolton, Connecticut

To say Myler let me down is an understatement. I never had the same attorney when I called them to see how things were going.

I pretty much had a slam dunk case, and they blew it. They had no trouble calling me the day before my phone interview though. They said they would be happy to take my case, and because of them I have learned to ask question before hand.They never told me at the time they were in Utah had I known just that I would have passed. They are pretty much ABULANCE CHASERS.

Live and learn,but in the mean time here I am unemployable homeless. Myler you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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