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This review is from an anonymous poster, so we are unable to verify it's authenticity. We would encourage this person to contact us at 1-800-652-9626 to discuss this further. We're happy to listen and see what we can do to help. If anyone feels we have received a fee that we didn't deserve, we are very interested in hearing your side of the story and correcting any wrongs that may have happened. However, that being said, from time to time we find clients who become unhappy once we win their claim and we get paid for our services. This doesn't happen often, as most of our clients are honest, hard working people who try to live up to their end of any deal they enter. When it does happen, we ask Social Security to review the case and determine how much we should be paid. Any fee that Myler Disability receives MUST be approved first by the Social Security Administration, so be assured that we never take a single cent from a client without it going through this approval process. Even then, we want to make sure our clients are being treated fairly. Give us a call at the number above if you have questions.
Ville Platte, Louisiana

I would definitely not do business with this company. Although they did file my claim for me, the first time a problem arose, I was basically told to solve it myself.

I immediately fired them, and now they want to collect the full fee.

If I were to dispute their fee, it would just further complicate my already desperate financial situation. I hope that in their greed, these people and all like them take such a huge *** that they choke to death!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They were a on my case and helped me win. I don't think I could have done it without them.


They cannot collect the full fee, the judge decides who gets what when you go trial. I myself have just fired Myles, my gut tells me to run. Now I must find another attorney.


They are not worth much. May karma get them!