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There are two things that need to be addressed here. First, it appears that the records from every single medical source this client informed us about were obtained and submitted to Social Security. At the hearing, the judge had a number of questions for this client, which only she could answer. Some of these questions were in regards to apparent tax fraud in her earnings record. Again, only she could answer these questions. Our attorney did all he could to try to rehabilitate her testimony, but in these administrative disability hearings, if the judge has a question, the client needs to answer it. Second, this client says we are “charging” her for medical records. This is untrue, as we've attempted to explain to her. Eight of her medical providers charged a fee for the release of their medical records. We covered these expenses for the client and then asked to be reimbursed. This was clearly explained to her numerous times and was in the agreement she signed when she hired us. We're happy to discuss either of these issues further with this client. She can call us at 1-800-652-9626.
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had a hearing yesterday and my representative didn't rebuttal anything that was stated on my behalf he did not speak one word to the judge I was appalled at the outcome of this hearing I truly believe because I was not represented properly that I won't win my case he did not have all my medical records available  to make a argument  after I made sure that your company had the information  for all my medical records absolutely free and then I found out that your company trick me into signing a paper stating that you guys charge money...the reason why I say tricked it's because I didn't understand that I needed to pay you guys I was told there would not be a charge from the beginning I was not cancelled or anything about any charges and for these reasons I believe there's a problem with your company and I am a client Wow...they charge you over $300 and they dont represent in have to do it alone wgile they just sit there an listen not the kind of lawyer or representative expected

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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