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We appreciate the comments from this client. He/she is correct: the wait times our clients are experiencing are due to the backlog of cases at Social Security. We want your claim to be approved as quickly as possible and while we're waiting for your hearing to be scheduled, we need you to continue seeing your doctors. Your case is much more likely to be approved if you are continuing to see doctors and they are documenting your impairments and how these impact your activities of daily living. If you have questions, give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
Gainesville, Florida

I have had an open case with myler since 2013. Finally I have had my court case sept 1st.

I still have not gotten a response of yay or nay and am ready to hear what the judge has decided. I see alot of bogus reviews on here about you dont get a response. Its taking them years. Well for one they do not decide the wait its according to your state and city on ehat the wait time will be with ss so do some research and it will show you that.

Secondly your num should have been linked to the phone system to your case manager fyi yhey are not your actual lawyers but they are who you would speak to regarding your case.

People disability is a very long proccess to *** out who really needs it and who doesnt. Mysuggestion is tostay positive visit your docs on a reg for paper trail and keep in mind that.

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Just read your statement I have been waiting since 3013 too. I too went to Court on Sept.

3rd 2014. They said the Judge denied me but were going to appeal it and check the Judge out to see why. Still waiting. Thanks to my Son I still have a place to live.

But it's shaky.

You didn't say if you got your Disability or not. Signed:


I agree my 2013 case went to a ADJ in Pasadena, CA Oct 2nd 2015 and ten days later the award "FULLY FAVORABLE" My first installment hit my bank account 11/9/2015. I have been told back pay will follow.

Myler said wow that was quick because I got paid before an award amount letter. Key note answer your SSA review phone call and set up direct deposit immediately.