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We try very hard to maintain contact with our clients, so if this person changed his/her number we would have definitely make sure to update our records, as well as those of Social Security. Because this review was posted anonymously, we're unable to verify its authenticity and therefore can't call to see what questions or concerns the client needs to have resolved. We would encourage him/her to call us at 1-800-652-9626. Also, please know that we want your claim to be approved as quickly as possible. The longer it takes to be approved, the more it costs us to pay our staff to handle your claim. Quick approvals are always what we shoot for, but often it takes Social Security quite a while to process these claims. There's little we can do to speed up the process, but we can help you better develop your case so that once it's finally scheduled for a hearing with an administrative law judge, your chances of winning become significantly better. Questions? Give us a call!
Chipley, Florida

I hired them almost 2 years ago and have been denied for my disability twice.I changed phone numbers a year ago and have informed them numerous times oc the change and they continue to call the same number, they also continue to send me the same authorization form to be signed over and over and over and over. How many times to do I need to sign the same form. I feel that I have been put on.the back burner and I have , the longer it takes , the back pay builds up and the larger their pay off is as well as yours and mineq


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yup, thats what they do, and then don't have all your info, switch reps with you 3 or 4 times, no follow up on the info they ask for,don't return calls, 3 years later did get approved through hearing in 3 days, that's all it took to get a letter from a law judge, should have been approved in first phase,stay local where you can deal with someone in person


Been with Myler for almost two years. I am disabled 100% thru the Va Hospital but been denied twice for SSD.

The disclaimer says the will not collect until my case is won. I have recieved several notices that i owe them for this or that before my case gets to the appeals hearing. WTF.

I too feel that my case is put on the back burner. Been told by other law firms that it shouldnt take this long beings that i am already disabled thru the Va.