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At Myler Disability, we have been helping disabled individuals get benefits through Social Security for many years and the overwhelming majority of our clients are very pleased with our work. Here, we have received a review that is less-than-flattering and contains a number of things we want to clarify. First, please understand that Myler Disability only gets paid if your case is approved. Even then, Social Security must approved the fee before Myler Disability receives even a single dollar. The statements this person makes about our fee agreement are false. In addition, we have no financial motivation to do anything other than try to help you win your case. Second, we realize that not everyone is going to have their case approved. In litigation, there's always a winner and a loser. We have been representing disabled clients for many years and we've been successful tens of thousands of times. Our attorneys and staff are very experienced and will work tirelessly to help you with your claim. Nearly all of our clients are pleased with the services we perform on their behalf, but when someone loses, they sometimes want to blame the loss anywhere they can. Here, that's exactly what happened. Third, when the person is upset that we "submitted the wrong evidence," we want to make it clear that we can't hide evidence from Social Security and we can't allow our clients to do so, either. We zealously represent our clients, but we make sure we do so within the law. Fourth, please understand that there are two sides to every story. The narrative in this review is only one side of the story and we are certain things did not happen as he describes them. Fifth, and finally, we are always happy to help our clients make sense of what is going on with their case. If you have questions or concerns, we'd encourage you to call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Greenville, South Carolina

I am 26 and I suffer from BiPoler One disorder. When I was a child, I was on disability. I have been going to therapy since I was 13. When I reached the age of 17 I took myself off of disability to try and work, you know, like normal people. I never was able to keep a job for longer than 3 months.

Two years ago I started to try and get back on disabiliby. No one can say I didnt tried to work. I hired Myler Disability to be my lawers. After many different changes to the staff, having to explan it all again to each one, and two denials later, I went to court. The lawyer I was assigned never called me intill the day before. Then he rushed me off the phone.

I Live in a small area and this lawyer drove from Atlanta to be in court with me. He held the whole court system up for 3 hours till he was ready. Then he called me back to this little room to make me sign some stuff. He rushed me and wouldn't give me time to read them. I did try to read one but he took it from me when I was half way through the page, not even saying anything to me. This is when his attuted started to show. The judge got pissed off and took it out on me and my lawyer sumitted all the wrong evidence causing me to look like I shouldn't even be in court that day, but out looking for a job instead.

After coming home,I remenbered what I read before It was jerked out of my hand, It said I had to pay them even if I lost and if I changed lawyers I would still have to pay them if I won or lost. The contract is worded in away where you cant understand it and thats how they get you. I am waiting on my decion right now, but I know what the judge would do when I left the court room and thats to throw out my claim. The lawyer was rude and as we were walking out of the court room, he turned to the judge and said "not every one would be as nice as you." making it look like I was doing the rude talking. I couldn't even get a word in the whole time because the judge was pissed off from the lawyer.

Do not hire myler disability. Its the worst thing I have ever done.

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well *** i can't even sign up as me Duane owens sr my doctor refused to fill out myler's medical form stating that they where frauds even wanted to charge me $100 FOR ANYTHING REGARDING THIS COMPANY


were you pleased with their services?


this is happening to me now


Really wow but did you get it your disability I've been with Myles 3 yrs and so far they have stayed on top of things I'm located in Virginia and I pray all goes well


As stuck it out for 3 years with myler and I just got my court approval. They even got me back pay


I hired them and im going through the same thing I have been fighting soc security 2 years as of next month and with everything I have to keep going threw I can win my self




you know I am using them now , should I ? they said the same thing to me , about paying evan if I loose sounds the same as you, im really confused, they already lost it once, we are reapealing now.

I have lost 4 times? what should I do?


I'm having some issues with Mylers Disability as well... All they want you to do is fill out papers after papers which should be their job then wanna send you a bill for them looking up something...

Really !!! Then why did I hire them if I have to fill out my own paperwork... Again REALLY !!! They're not business like you would think...

All i'm saying is do ur homework before you hire any one for whatever reasons... Lesson learned !!!


I hired Muller Disability in Nov 2014 and 8mo later I was approved. I was very happy with them.

They were always nice and polite and always answered any questions I had.

Sorry you had a bad experience but they are not a a scam. I live in Oregon.


Something not right here!They did my case and I won,i got all papers in mail, I have plenty time to read.My agreement was if I loose I don't have to pay a penny.


I'm very sorry but I love them I think that they are great. If you didn't have any luck there but there must have been a reason in your medical paperwork because if you could they would have gotten for you.Because they are very good at what they do.


I have no complaints with them they got the benefits for my son and very professional if that's all the way.


Wow I almost had the same experience, a different lawyer showed up late and didn't know my casecase and I lost.


I used Myler attorneys, after two years they expected me to pay for all medical records as SSI only makes one attempt and if not received with in 30 days they close that Dr out. I had over 3000 pages, my cost would have over 900.00 dollars , they filed court date for November 20 months after I applied and their lawyer never showed up in Knoxville Tn. I went in front of judge and lost, I moved to fl and got an attorney here, it's been two months and this new lawyer has all my records and has already scheduled me for their drs, .Myler is a scam....if he gets the notion your back pay is not gonna pay enough he will discharge you as his Clint.


I went thru them and they sent one of their people to me and i did a video conference with a judge and they approved me right away. My representatives from myler were great to me


I'm going thru Myler disabilities and I've got denied 3 times went in front of judge with a lawyer to which I noticed he didn't speak on behalf jus sat their thru the whole thing and my hearing got denied n now I'm appealing again n still with Myler but now my case is in review somewhere in Virginia n I won't hear nothing till January thru April of next year n my last court hearing was July of 2014 I'm really getting discouraged n have no income.....I might jus have to suffer n find work n hope it won't go against my claim


Just as an FYI, Social Security would never accept or approve a fee agreement between a claimant and an attorney that says the attorney gets paid if they lose. It is not permitted, period.


Im also going through Myler for my claim, so far so good, I have been switched around as to who Im dealing with, but they have been on point. It would seem my case is open and shut, Im not trying to see 2-3 Appeals.


I am dealing with Myer Disability now and so all they've do is send me a bunch of papers to get filled out by me or doctors I'm confused on a lot of things they tell me my son has been denied already 2times and I just don't understand stand why son is deaf in both ears but one is significant than the other I'm scared that I will get denied again and I haven't talked to anyone about the case very frustrating I have a court cas coming but don't want the lawyer to come to me at the last minute trying to get things together confused clients