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Thank you for your kind words! As you pointed out, the only way Myler Disability is paid is if you win your case. Because of this pay structure, there is no motivation to do anything except to try finding a way to help you get approved for benefits. It's always such a breath of fresh air to have clients like you who are willing to participate in the preparation of their case. We again thank you for your words and wish you the best going forward!
Tavares, Florida
Customer service

Thus far, I am very happy with Myler. It is a very difficult thing to try and get others to understand your health issues, especially when Mental illness is involved.

But when you couple that with Physical issues, it makes it that much harder. The SS office has denied me twice already, but Myler has not given up. They call often to check on my health status and if more ppwk is needed they send it to me, they answer all my questions to the best of their ability and I am now awaiting a trial. I am very nervous about this, but I know what my body & mind has gone through, and even though on the outside I may look great- they understand that Mental illness (Depression/Bi-polar/PTSD) in addition to Chronic Arthritis, Bulging and Pertruding/herniated discs, COPD- isn't something that is a blaring declaration of disability.

It is still very much something that has changed my life as I once knew it forever. I don't think they are in the business to rip people off. Until I see otherwise, I am very happy with the work they have done on my behalf. Some of you say that they have you do all the work- Well, You know your issues along with your history better than anyone else!

They cannot do that for you! Getting the ppwk filled out is part of life for anything you do, so...I am very appreciative of the work they have done, and am praying daily that I win my case. Its not for their lack of trying. At least that I can see.

I have heard someone say that they would charge if they didn't win their case, this is not true.

They do not charge you if you lose, that makes them work that much harder to win!

Jennifer Clark

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Empathy and detailed information.

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