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We sincerely wish that this person had given us a call to address his/her concerns. We care very much about the experience our clients have and want to do all we can to help them obtain benefits. We're certain that there's another side to this story that isn't being told and would encourage this person to give us a call at 1-800-652-9626.
Paris, Texas

2 years ago, I hired Myler Disability for my legal representation for SSI. They are a joke!!

Every month, the changed Case Managers. They wont return phone calls, & when you do reach a Case Manager, they sound like they are reading from a script. I suffer from ptsd, bipolar, depression, I also have hypertension, have had 3 tia's, and I have back & knee problems. The *** attorney that was assigned to my case didnt even contact me until the day before court.

All he told me was that it was dress casual & to be there 30 minutes early. He didnt go over any part of my case. He had not even looked at my case, until we got to court. The judge called us in 5 minutes after we got there, so my genius of an attorney didnt have time to look at it.

He even asked me what my name was. Needless to say, I got denied, so Myler Disability withdrew from my case. I had lost my job, due to my illness, had to stay with friends or family. I was even homeless at one point.

I just hired an attorney that I can call anytime & he will speak to me about my case. Oh & when Myler Disability withdrew, they had the nerve to send me a bill, which I will not pay one dime to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Attorney.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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How do you have enough money to hire an attorney if you were homeless and lost your job? I hope that they take you to court and press charges against you for your refusing to do the adult thing and pay your bill.

You seem like a lazy person who is too lazy to get a job. You use your disability to not get a job.

to Anonymous #817558

You dont have to have money to hire any attorney for a disability case. I have been extremely ill for the past 3 years & have almost died a couple of times.

I am anything but lazy. I started working when I was 14 & have worked my entire life, so you need to ask a few questions about someone, before you start making comments like you did, when you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #817178

I have very similar disabilities and issues. I used mylar, it took 2 years...not myler's fault, that is actually 6 months less than normal for this part of Florida, but they got me SSI and ssdi plus I only filled out forms once or twice.

If you didn't get what you thought was coming talk to your doctor. They have the controlling information the law office just puts it together.

Like did you have a letter from your doctor stating you could not return to the workforce? With your prognosis and diagnosis?

to crystavon #817562

Yes I did have a letter...the attorney they sent did not even go over my case at all. I have since hired a real attorney that I can talk to him instead of 90 different case managers. I am glad that they got something for you, because they certainly did nothing for my case.


You will always be denied the first time. I got denied the first time and 2 years later I still have the same attorney, who knows both judges I have.

As far as time frame in the court, the first one like I said you will be denied and you spend very little time in the court room, the second one you have an hour in court and it is much more detailed and you speak. Don't give up.


your exacly right.