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We suppose this review was written by an angry Social Security employee who is trying to discourage people from applying for benefits or from seeking help with their disability claim. While it's true that Social Security relies heavily on your medical records, we've found that quite often mistakes are made by the examiners at Social Security and important information is overlooked. It's nice to have an attorney on your side who knows how the process works and can fight for you when you need it most.
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Actually myler disability did nothing for you. It was your medical records that did it.

SS isn't an adversarial program. I don't care if you have an attorney or not, same results! You can do this on your own. First off, social security has medical listings they they go by.

Google social security disability listings and you will see for yourself. There are basically 12 body systems and each body system has a classification of conditions that they evaluate your records against. It you do the Internet search and read the listings for yourself, it practically tells you what the records must show in order to meet or equal a social security listing. Also, per the definition of social security disability your condition must be expected to last a minimum of 12 months or be expected to end in death.

So basically ss only cares about your condition within the past 12 months of applying. It you are trying to get disability for a condition from like 5 years ago AND you haven't even been seeing a doctor on the regular for that condition then there is no medical proof to even indicate that is a severe condition. Secondly if you don't meet or equal a listing SS then must review your objective records and determine (based on the diagnostic findings and documented physical exam) what you are currently capable of performing. SS doesn't care about a letter from your doctor saying "you can't work".

If it isn't supported by objective medical evidence that statement is good for nothing. Once they do the comparison they then will make a determination as to whether you can return to your past work or perform other work. If you can, you're denied!! Bottom lines!

There are no tricks of the trade or secrets. Myler or any attorney is doing nothing special to get disability awarded. It's all in the records. Also, the most important thing is this...

If you are under 55 and do not meet or equal a SS listing then the odds are already stacked against you to be awarded benefits anyway. Under 55 your condition basically has to be extremely poor: if you can still walk, stand or even walk for a little bit... Then don't expect to get awarded. Google this for yourself!

The rules get a little relaxed for those 55 and older, that's why most people who have been filing since say they were 45 say " I had to file like 2-5 times before I got awarded" . Actually what happened was they just got older and hit a different age category which made the rules different. It's no different than a child who received child's benefits and then once they turned 18 were denied because now they are being evaluated under the adult rules, which are markedly different. So in essence myler had nothing and did nothing to do with getting you benefits and as soon as people realize how the program works; they will realize that they are paying these advocates to do nothing for them.

They don't do anything to influence the outcome of the case. Read for yourself, come to understand the program, and stop running to give people like them you're money for nothing.

Half the time they file appeals already knowing the outcome will be the same. Just wasting everyone's time because the rules are what they are.

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What you say is not entirely correct. There are literally thousands of pages of regulations and you speak of only a small part.

The listings you speak of are only part of the picture. The cases that go to a hearing are not usually won a listing because if your case was that good to start with you likely would not get to a hearing, you would have won at the initial or reconsideration stages. A claimant can also win if they are under 50 and found to have limitations that prevent them from doing even sedentary work, or even mental limitations that prevent them from doing any work at all. A good lawyer will help you get ready for the case and go over weaknesses in the case before the hearing.

Going in front of a judge is all about telling the truth because they place a lot of weight on the claimants credibility. A good lawyer will find the inconsistencies in your medical file and bring it to your attention so you are not ambushed by the judge.

ALSO, think about this. The judge is a lawyer.

The judge has assistants that are lawyers.

Social Security hires hundreds of lawyers that review cases well before they go to a hearing. Wouldn't you like to have a lawyer who can speak to the judge in the same language?