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We just became aware of this obscure website and some of these reviews. We would encourage any of our clients to call and discuss with us any concerns they have about their disability claim. Here, if our client wasn't called well in advance of her hearing by our attorney, we apologize. We care deeply about our clients' experiences and want to help them feel at ease. In regards to the judge making an incorrect finding regarding her I.C., we share your frustration. We often have to appeal cases when a judge improperly applies the law. Give us a call so we can discuss this further and find out what can be done.
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Lawyer was suppose to contact me few days before hearing. He didn't I had to contact him.

He called the night before hearing and wanted me there early. I got to the courthouse early and he talked with me 5 minutes before the hearing. He had not even researched what interstitial cystitis was. My denial letter did not even contain the ruling in IC.

SSR 02-2p. In my denial letter the judge thought it was a renal disease.

IC is a bladder disease. I've called the lawyer and still no answer back.

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You do not appear to know what your condition is yourself. Look up what organs make up the Renal system.