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We're sad that we can't please every client. What you don't see is that for every 1 client that leaves a negative review on a website like this, there are a thousand others who are very pleased with the services we offer. We've been helping disabled people obtain benefits through Social Security for many years and have been successful tens of thousands of times. Here, we'd encourage this person to give us a call so that we can try resolving some of his/her concerns. We're not certain that this review is from an actual client. If it is, we're sorry to hear about his/her health problems. Because the review was anonymous, there's no way to either verify the complaints or resolve any of the concerns. Just one side of the story is painted in reviews like this and we'd love the opportunity to help this client. Give us a chance. Call us at 1-800-652-9626.
Cullman, Alabama
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I signed up in October of 2014. All was fine until my evaluation appointments, except for mistakes in entering information correctly and leaving out very important information on my case.

I was scheduled two evaluation appointments, one on a Tuesday and the other on a Saturday, the team handling my case got the day Saturday right in an email but no time or address, not even a doctor. When I got this information through email I immediately called Social Security and asked about the appointment. The woman said you know you have two scheduled, no I didn't. Confronting Myler Disability about this, they attempted 4 times and still couldn't get my appointments information correctly, I fired them five times in less than two hours, three times by email and twice by phone.

Still I get a threatening letter signed by none other than Bradford D. Myler. However, the letter looks as if it came off a copier, there seems to be another letter on the paper just dark enough to read some of it. I did try and call Bradford D.

Myler, knowing what would be said, "Brad Myler is just the founder of the company and he can't be reached". Really. So you. Lead every client to believe you are working under Brad Myler, when in fact you are doing your own thing.

No thank you, I have a better chance representing myself. I had a massive heart attack a couple months ago and they called telling me I was still responsible for $6000.00 in fees, for what? Nearly costing me a denial for my disability because if you miss just one appointment, you are denied. Unless you have a serious medical issue, which I did.

I would put part of that blame of my heart attack on Myler Disability because of the added stress they caused. Trust them if you want to but I certainly hope not. Also, I be damned if they get one dime from me.

I will sue them for medical expenses. My bill is $300,000 sure they can afford it because of all the money they make under Brad Myler's name.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I sent all of my documents to Myler Disability. The representative spoke to me as though I would be represented by them, had me send all of my documents and three months later, steppes off my case.

Now I am being informed that I need all of the paperwork I sent to them. They sent me a DVD with all of my records and I am informed that I need my original documents. This system is set up as though they want for us to lose cases. Sabotage our documents and play games with our lives.

Doctors direct me not to work, deemed me permanently and temp disabled for 12 months or more and I am being left to die here.

I don't know what else to do any more. I need help and no one will help me.