Myler Disability got the job done. They were always friendly and helpful, even if I was getting impatient they would still take my call or call me back and always within 24 hours like they say.

I was approved for Disability within 7 months. They said 6 months but I missed an appointment. The state wanted me to see their doctors, one for mental health disability and one for physical disability. They send you out papers with plenty of time to put the dates on your calendar, however being so ADHD and having extreme PTSD from my tours of duty, I was having a REALLY bad day and I missed an appointment to see of the state's doctors.

I thought I blew it! 5 months of work and I blew it! They re-affirm how important it is not to miss these state appointed doctors dates, and I did. I called Myler in a panicked depression and they said, ""We will try and do the best to get you another appointment!"" two days later they called me with another appointment, but made it clear that if I missed this one, it could ruin everything!

I made the appointment and it all turned out fine! When I got my settlement money, Myler only took a small percentage that they earned 100%. Thank you Myler.

I couldn't done it without you guys! Stevo Bruno

Product or Service Mentioned: Myler Disability Social Security Disability Legal Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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