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We're glad that your claim was approved! Please be aware that the fee which Myler Disability charges has been approved by Social Security. It is for 25% of the past due benefits, with a maximum of $6,000 (this maximum amount is established by Congress and every decade or so gets raised a little bit). On your claim, we were paid $133.99. While we're sure you would have liked to get more money from Social Security in past-due benefits, you were paid the maximum they were allowed to give you. And, despite what you may think, we were only paid a very small fee for the services we rendered. If you have more questions regarding your claim and the back pay you feel you should have gotten, you may contact us at 1-800-652-9626.
Tampa, Florida

Hi I won my case with myler but after waiting four months started getting paid disability said I had a four thousand dollar back pay coming but I received less than $500. I was kinda pissed.

My brother Jerry also won his case in only 5-6 months and Was supposed to get a 6 thousand dollar back and only received 4000. 10% my ***. 10% of the back pay was all they were suppose to take.

If they wanna contact me my name is Patricia Nelson. Look me up.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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All representatives get 25% that amount is set by Social Security not by the law firm.


the judge decides how much they get paid in all cases


be grateful you got in 6mounths im going on 15 mounths and doing all the paper work for them