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If your household assets and income are too high, we can't help you with an SSI claim. We aren't trying to be rude, but rather are just attempting to explain to you what the law in on SSI claims. As far as calling you multiple times, chances are the calls were from another disability company. Many clients enter their info on multiple websites. We can't control who else calls you. We can assure you, though, once we have talked to you and determine we can't help you with a claim, we'll never call you again.
Tampa, Florida
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These people are very unsympathetic. I can't work due to epilepsy and they tell me my bf makes too much before taxes.

Felt like I was talking to Social security.They don't want to help you. Obviously they don't want to get paid either. Don't even know why they have a phone number. After denying me and being rude I got two more call backs from two different people.

They're too lazy to let each other know who they already talked to, and are not helpful what so ever.

Very cold and rude during consultation. If they call me one more time I'm gonna lose my *** and go off on the phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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