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We appreciate the kind words! Thanks for trusting us with your claim.
East Richmond Heights, California

You people have no idea what you are talking about...Myler is simply an office that helps with disability...they are NOT magicians! I have seen doctors regularly for my condition for years and with the help of Myler was eventually awarded my benefits.

The ss system is simple...if you dont see doctors and have proof, it doesnt matter how disabled you are....this has NOTHING to do with Myler's ability as a company.

I think most of these complaints are towards the government not towards an office who is trying to help you deal with the government. Although, it took over a year to be approved, and I was often frustrated, I am very grateful for the work this company did for me!

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Connecticut, United States #887499

Well if they are "just" an office that helps people then they are doing a TERRIBLE job at it! I think that they need to go back to school for training of some sort!!


You must work for they dumb *** *** off at them ..they can do better,i been getting most of my paper work myself.. they so unorganized ..they full of ***..and i do have all my to..i should went to this lawyer down the street.instead *** with myler..oooh you wanna close your case if you win we still get some of your money.*** i did my own paperwork...